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Drs. Dennis Longwill, Erin Duarte & Timothy Jue

Ventura Endodontics

Patient Testimonials

" Thank You so much for seeing me yesterday (June 8,2009), on such short notice, and for performing my root canal right away. I also appreciate that Dr. Jue honored my wishes to not have anesthesia (he can now add this tough Canadian gal to his list of "WW2 Vets"!). The kindness and professionalism shown by your office was incredible from the moment I walked in the door. I feel much better today, thanks to the wonderful level of service I received from both your office and Dr. Parigian's. I truly can't Thank You enough."


W. O' Brien


From A Patient of Dr. Jue

"I want to express my grattitude for the immaculate work you performed on my root canal. I am so glad Dr. Mizraji thought to refer me to you for this procedure. The grace and good cheer of you and your staff brightened my visit, and I left your office cured of a toothache and confident with the work that had been done. I appreciate you calling me later to check the tooth's progress, which thanks to you has been excellent."

"Thank you again for everything,"



From a patient of Dr. Longwill

 "Death before root canal !" Those words of my husand, Bob , rang in my ears when he told me he had to have a root canal.

What a relief it was to watch him go through the process calmly because of your care and compassion. Thank You.


Bob's wife L. Diaz

From a patient of Dr. Duarte

     Today it is unusual to meet someone who is extremely competent as a professional and kind and understanding at the same time. You are such a person.

     Roseanne has been worrying for months about what to do with her cracked and nerve dead tooth. Quickly and gently you helped her make that decision. 

Thank you so much !

J. McGuire

From a Patient of Dr. Jue

Thank You so much for fixing my tooth. It is a relief to find a dentist as caring and understanding as you. I can't believe that i'm actually looking forward to my next root canal !

Most Sincerely,


From a Patient of Dr. Duarte

" This was my first experience with root cana or cavity and I thought Dr. Longwill and his staff did a very good job. I am very satisfied."

Thank You

From a patient of Dr. Longwill

Dr. Jue was excellent with his services. He was very good at communicating and very professional. I also thought his assistant was professional and very good.

From a patient of Dr. Jue

I was happy with Dr. Jue's patience. He really took the time to answer my questions and make me feel comfortable. I have severe dental phobia, yet felt very relaxed. I had a pain-free experience.


From a patient of Dr. Jue