About Our Office

Our Endodontic Specialty Practice

We're part of your dental team. Your general dentist has referred you to us because he or she sincerely believes that your present condition requires the service of a speacialist. Our practice utlilzes many of the newest technolgies available in dentistry for your treatment. We adhere to standards of infection control in accordance with CDC and OSHA guidelines.
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"Death before root canal!" Those words of my husand, Bob , rang in my ears when he told me he had to have a root canal. What a relief it was to watch him go through the process calmly because of your care and compassion. Thank You.
Sincerely, Bob's wife L. Diaz

Newest Technologies

We use special operating microscopes, adapted for dentistry, during phases of your endodontic treatment. The use of these microscopes allow us to visualize fine details, up to 20x the magnification of the naked eye, inside your tooth. We also use digital radiography to take x-rays of your teeth, which be can viewed on montiors in each treatment room. Our dental software allows your dentist to view all phases of your treatment via computer, as well as allowing you to register and update all information at your convienence online at anytime.
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